Schooling Food

Photo by Tobias Titz

19.2 – 1.03.2019

All Tomorrow’s Futures worked with Monash University’s Faculty of Education to translate Australian Research Council project ‘Children as health advocates in families: assessing the consequences,’ into an exhibition for educators and policy-makers. 

How can we translate research into an experience for educators and policy-makers?

This Australian Research Council funded study generated several academic papers, but the research team wanted their findings to reach non-academic audiences who could put these into action. The researchers wanted to translate findings from their study into a format that would engage school teachers and health policy makers, and spark different conversations about health and food education at schools. The study had generated hundereds of hours of audio-visual research artefacts as the researchers had equipped children with iPads to understand what they learned about food at school and their experiences of food at home. We decided to develop an exhibition to bring these children’s stories to life in a visual and experiential way.

Photo by Tobias Titz

All Tomorrow’s Futures worked with the research team to identify opportunities for development and presentation of an exhibition as a non-traditional research output. We brokered relationships between the Faculty of Education, MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture), and the Sir Louis Mattheson Library at Monash, using collaborative curatorial approaches that brought researchers together with designers and the library collections team to co-design exhibition frameworks and concepts.

Photo by Tobias Titz

Schooling Food brought stories from real family dinner tables and lunchboxes to life. This highly successful exhibition provided a window into the often unseen food lives of families. Schooling Food went on tour to Monash University’s Peninsula campus and was presented at Federation Square as a part of the Little Food Festival – an immersive food festival for children hosted by the Sandro DeMaio Foundation.

Production and Curatorial Advisory: Ana Tiquia / All Tomorrow’s Futures
Client: Monash University

Project Lead: Dr Deana Leahy, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Project Research Fellow: Dr Sian Supski, Faculty of Arts, Monash University
Design Direction: Warren Taylor, MADA, Monash University
Design and Graphics: Zach Beltsos-Russo
Special Collections: Dr Anne Holloway, Special Collections Manager, Sir Louis Matheson Library


‘Children as health advocates in families: assessing the consequences’ was a study led by researchers at Monash University, University of Wollongong, and The University of Melbourne.

Photo by Tobias Titz