What are the cultural, social, and ethical futures of big data?

Big Bang Data

How might we feel the different qualities and temporalities of data?
Instagram, Twitter and Transport for London live data presented as a wash of code in Tekja’s ‘London Data Streams’ (2015)  

03.12.15 – 20.03.2016

Big Bang Data was one of the UK’s first major surveys of artist works investigating the cultural, social and ethical futures of big data. 

Ana worked with Somerset House as Creative Producer and Curatorial Advisor on Big Bang Data, a major exhibition exploring the present and future of data. She produced and led the curation of new sections of the exhibition, including the immersive London Situation Room – presenting new, interactive artworks from Tekja and Future Cities Catapult that drew upon live London data feeds and historic data sets to generate portraits of the present, and speculate upon the future of the city.

Using historical data to speculate upon the city’s future in London 2036 by Future Cities Catapult  

How might we reimagine our relationships with data?

Ana was also the curatorial advisor for ‘Data for the Common Good’, a new section of the exhibition exploring data as a commons and reimagining our relationships with big data. Exploring data transparency for advocacy, activism and socio-ecological transformation, Data for the Common Good also presented speculative work that reimagined futures of data ownership. Ana was also responsible for the commissioning, scoping and production development of a range of new, digital artist commissions. In addition, Ana led technical advisory, digital and technology planning, and interpretive approaches for the exhibition for Somerset House. 

Twitter sentiment analysis in Tekja’s London Data Streams (2015)

“The idea is a neat one, skilfully meshing the apparently opposite disciplines of science and art, while providing opportunity for both visual feast and serious sociological and historical analysis…Strongly recommended.” – London’s Dazzling ‘Big Bang Data’ Exhibition, ArtNet

The Transparency Grenade (2014) Julian Oliver. Big Bang Data, Somerset House

Roles: Creative Producer & Curatorial Advisor
Client: Somerset House

Big Bang Data was originally produced by the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona)